To permit easy viewing and downloading of posters, we are using a technology called iPaper provided by These instructions are being provided to assist you with navigating the Scribd viewer and making the most of its features.

1.) Each poster has its own page. Here is an example:

2.) All of the tools you will need to view the posters at a readable size can be found in the menu and toolbar located just above and below the poster. A picture of the menu and toolbar can be found below.

Top Menu


Bottom Toolbar


3.) Fullscreen Viewing: To view the document in fullscreen mode, click the Fullscreen button, which is the third button on the left in the top menu.


4.) Printing: To print a document, click the Print button, which is the second button on the left in the top menu. Please be aware that these files are extremely large, so you may have difficulty printing them.


5.) Downloading: To download a PDF of the document, you can either click the blue Download PDF of Poster link, which is located just above the top menu. Or, you can click the Download button, which is the first button on the left in the top menu. Please be aware that these files are extremely large.


6.) Sharing and E-mailing: To share a document, click the Share & Embed button, which is the only button located on the right side of the top menu. Once you click the button, you will be given options to share the document through applications such as Facebook or Twitter, embed it in a web page, or e-mail it.


7.) Adjusting the Magnification: You can adjust your view of the page with the zoom control, represented by the "plus" and "minus" buttons located in the bottom toolbar. Use the buttons to adjust the document's magnification.


8.) Searching for Text: In most documents, you will be able to search for text by using the search bar, which is located to the far right of the bottom toolbar. This applies to most posters found here. However, some "text" documents, particularly those made from scanned images, may not be searchable. Any results that are found will be highlighted.


If you have difficulty viewing the posters, and your issue was not addressed by the instructions provided above, please visit the Scribd Support page before contacting the ISAZ Webmaster.

If you still have questions after reviewing the instructions and the Scribd FAQ, please send an e-mail to the ISAZ Webmaster (click to send e-mail).