Welcome to the ISAZ Online Poster Session. We are delighted that Nestlé Purina and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have generously provided funding to allow the continued online publication of posters presented at ISAZ annual conferences.

Research on the interactions of humans and animals has proliferated since the founding of the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) in 1991. ISAZ attempts to include as much research on diverse aspects of human–animal interaction as is possible during our annual scientific conferences. Some researchers find that a visual presentation enhances the accessibility of their material. Additionally, conference programs and topics do not allow sufficient time for oral presentations of all worthy studies. Thus, each ISAZ conference has many posters and podium presentations. Poster presentations provide a physical record of the presentation that can be communicated well beyond the duration of the conference. This website takes advantage of this to provide a repository of posters from the Society's annual conferences.

The ISAZ Board hopes that the online availability of posters will foster additional interest in research on the interactions between humans and animals, provide a tool for networking with researchers in the field, and provide a useful repository of information about this research.

We hope you enjoy the Poster Session and invite your comments and suggestions.

If you are ready to begin viewing the posters, visit the poster index. Or, if you need a little technical help using the poster viewer, please visit the instructions page.


The ISAZ Board